Treffen am 12. Mai 2016

This event was held in english, in a fantastic room of freeletics. Thanks for having us, and food & drinks!

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Design Thinking, meet Lean Startup. 

Should a company seeking to innovate use Lean Startup or Design Thinking? The answer is … both. Properly understood, these approaches actually complement one another very well. In order to understand how this works, we are happy to welcome two of Munich’s leading figures in the Lean Startup scene: Ralf Westbrock and Ben O’Hear. 

First we will have an introduction to Lean Startup, drawing both on theory as well as practical experience applying it in companies ranging from startups to large corporations. 
Then we will go in depth into one of the more important tools of Lean Startup: The MVP.  
Finally we will hear how Ralf and Ben combined Design Thinking and Lean Startup to create an even more powerful innovation toolkit for startup and corporate accelerators.

About our Speakers

Ralf Westbrock, str84wd products

Ralf has worked for over 10 years in leading roles in digital product development for numerous international companies, accumulating a wide range of experience in designing diverse products, organisational structures and development processes.

Since 2010 Ralf runs str84wd products,  helping companies such as Deutsche Telekom and EnBW improve their agile product development with Lean Startup Methods. Through his experience he has become one of the leading experts in the Lean Startup field.

As part of his activities at str84wd, Ralf is regularly developing and testing his own startup ideas.

Ben O’Hear, Revelate

Ben Is a UX Designer with over 15 years experience. He was one of the earliest designers to recognize the value of usability in digital design, and today pioneers the integration of Lean Startup and Design Thinking into actual UX practise.

Ben has worked on numerous projects for clients like Allianz, Adidas and L’Oreal, as well as mid sized tech companies and startups. He also regularly shares experiences and insights on his companies’ blog on

Both Ralf and Ben are mentors at Lean Startup machine and Google Launchpad, and run the Lean Startup meetup in Munich. Together they have designed and run a curriculum for startup accelerators, combining Lean Startup, Design Thinking and UX practises. 



Introduction to Design Thinking in bite-sized bits

 Design Thinking phase “Observe”

  •  gaining empathy
  • understanding user & needs
  • introduction to customer interviews


Steffi Kieffer, Revelate,