Treffen am 22. Februar 2016

Thema: "Innovation - The misnomer"

Vortragender: Speaker: Markus Andrezak, überproduct / /, @markusandrezak


Everyone wants innovation, few want to pay the price. Few even want to deeply understand what it is or what to do to get "it" - whatever "it" may be.

We want to scale innovation in our company / Enterprise
Let's do 20% time
Let's do open spaces
Let's encourage everyone

This talk wants to explain levels of doing new things, help give these levels a name and actions behind it and finally help understand what's going on. We will hear about pioneers, settlers, town planners, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and engineering, dilemmata and aggregation. We will get happy, sad, mad and dizzy. Finally, we might together kill the word Innovation as it becomes overloaded, bloated and finally meaning- and worthless.


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Steffi Kieffer hat das Design Tool "Charetting" bei der Einführung vorgestellt:

Zu Gast waren wir bei TNG Technology Consulting GmbH /, die uns auch mit Essen und Trinken versorgt haben. Vielen herzlichen Dank dafür!

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